LatinX is the go-to destination for US Hispanics seeking relevant entertainment, news, culture, travel, health, personal finance and lifestyle content.  It blends the realities of our modern world, while keeping us closely tied to the heritage we share. LatinX is the place to laugh, be inspired, stay informed, and share experiences.  

Discover new personalities, musicians, important voices in our community, and remain connected to your roots with LatinX. We’re on the rise, play increasingly critical roles in the workforce, and LatinX is the place for this generation of US Hispanics to come together.  

The LatinX team is comprised of a diverse group of people with close ties to the community.  We strive to create THE destination for those with a desire to thrive in all aspects of life while celebrating our deep, rich history. 

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  1. I wanted to see if there is a way we can become partners. We are having a local Utah state wide Latinx young adult summit in June. We would love to see if we can partner there.

    I am also involved with LULAC nationally. LULAC is the largest and oldest Latino civil rights organization in the country.

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